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Moderno Barstool EQ Modern


Moderno Barstool EQ Modern


Barstools are tall chairs designed for use at a bar or high counter. They typically have a height of around 28-32 inches, which is higher than a regular dining chair. Barstools come in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, or upholstered. Some barstools also have a swivel feature or a footrest for added comfort. Barstools are commonly used in restaurants, bars, and home kitchens, and can add a stylish and functional seating option to any space.

There are several different names for barstools, depending on the style and design. Here are a few examples:

There are several different names for barstools, depending on the style and design. Here are a few examples:

  1. Counter Stool: Similar to a barstool, but with a shorter height that is designed to be used at a kitchen counter or a lower bar.

  2. Drafting Stool: A taller barstool that is often used by architects or artists at a drafting table or workbench.

  3. Saddle Stool: A barstool with a saddle-shaped seat that promotes good posture and helps to reduce back pain.

  4. Backless Stool: A barstool without a backrest, often used in spaces where a low profile is desired.

  5. Swivel Stool: A barstool that rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to turn and change direction without having to get up.

  6. Adjustable Stool: A barstool with an adjustable height feature, allowing users to raise or lower the seat to their desired height.

  7. Tiki Stool: A type of barstool that is typically made from bamboo or other natural materials, often used in tropical-themed bars or restaurants.

Large Sleeper Sectional with Storage - The Perfect Solution for Modern Living - 50 models in stock

One of the standout features of this sectional is the built-in storage compartment, which is perfect for storing extra bedding, pillows, blankets, or other essentials. The storage compartment is conveniently located under the chaise, allowing you to access your items easily without disrupting the seating or sleeping area. U Sectional Sleeper Modern Furniture.

TOP Large Sleeper Sectional With Storage | EQ MODERN

TOP Large Sleeper Sectional With Storage | EQ MODERN

Our Large Sleeper Sectionals with storage is something more than just a piece of furniture – they offer you multiple additional features like fold out bed for unexpected overnight guests and bedding containers for extra sheets. Every piece can be fully customized to meet your expectations and we make sure that the price is a positive surprise. Check Large Sleeper Sectional with storage in Fort Lauderdale

Large Sleeper Sectional With Storage - modern BED sofas from EQmodern Furniture in Fort Lauderdale

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Our Large Sleeper Sectional with Storage  contains a mattress inside it. The mattress can pull out when needed for an overnight guest or an extra bed.


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